Three Must Know Web Design Principles For Graphic Designers

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Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement are the up coming net design and style strategies that you need to study. These techniques consider an appear at the notion of world wide web design from the actual opposite ends of the spectrum. Studying these techniques will give you the basis behind learning the ideas to stick to this segment.

Graceful Degradation is the concept of making your design and style operate in the most superior browsers on the market place and accepting that the web page will degrade gracefully for older, much less advanced browsers. The core content material of the internet site have to even now be available, but it is accepted that factors are not accessible to everyone. A single example of this would be the CSS border-radius attribute. The border-radius attribute is a native browser function for rounding some component of the page. The border-radius element was officially announced back in 2005, and has been supported for several many years in Firefox because edition 1., Google Chrome since model .two, and Safari considering that three.. Net Explorer regrettably did not assistance border-radius right up until 2011 with the release of IE9. The Graceful Degradation net layout strategy would accept that IE8 and below do not acquire rounded corners for elements in the design, but as an alternative would be have appropriate angles for every corner.

There are three design principles every graphic designer must know before they can build great web designs. Those principles are fixed design, graceful degradation and progressive enhancement, and adaptive design or responsive design.

Fixed design is the simplest principle. It uses set values and remains the same no matter what device is used to view it.

Graceful degradation and progressive enhancement are more adaptable. Graceful degradation adapts to its environment by degrading itself for viewing on older devices and software. Progressive enhancement begins with a simple HTML base so even if external programs fail to load on an older device the basic content is still viewable. Finally, the most complicated principle, as also mentioned in this Techli website, is adaptive design or responsive design. This principle uses percentages and variables instead of fixed design elements so the design may adjust to the device.

It’s a good idea for a designer to be knowledgeable of all three design elements. Designers should work with their clients to choose which web design style works best for the project.