…Already with his beginning tones, the young Argentinian baritone Iván Paley captivates with a voice of distinctive individual timbre, sonorous resonance and a masculine sound. Not only is his perfect diction astonishing, but as well his keen attention to each word, and intelligent interpretation of the most minute nuances of text.

…In “Revelge”, Paley aptly colors the pitiful marching in war with his flexible voice rich in nuance…it was the fine art of Lied singing.

…Paley’s interpretative agility enables him as well to show noble humor, tender irony, or lyrical seriousness.
Mannheimer Morgen

…the baritone with his gripping interpretation of “Revelge”. In his magnificent shaping of this so demanding and distressing lied, one heard a very dramatic vocal expansion as well as a rich spectrum of color with haunting undertones, bitter sarcasm, expressive cries and finally pallid, sounds of death.

…with a typical sonorous baritonal character and his dark vocal color of earthy masculinity, Paley commands a dramatic-phonetic spirit, a large measure of inner-agility and a powerful melodic line, which predestines him as Lied singer.
Günzburger Zeitung

…the 25-year old Paley: His understanding of text and intensive vocal coloring is incredible. Born in Argentina, the accent-free lyric baritone with his profound understanding of the art of Lied must also have success with Mozart.
Wiesbadener Kurier